America began over thirty thousand years ago when Indigenous people first circled the fire to share ideas and art. The Indigenous Studies minor invites discovery of alternative world views, ecological relationships, societies, religions, arts, and governments of indigenous peoples in North America and beyond from antiquity to the present. Take a course, encounter an Indigenous life, and celebrate the imagination to build a world.


“Sequoyah” by Carlyle Urello, 1988Our Students in DiscussionA Trail of Tears Marker

“Sequoyah” by Carlyle Urello, 1988

Our Students in Discussion

A Trail of Tears Marker

“The Indigenous Studies minor has enriched my knowledge of Native American people.” –Gabriella Tovar, student, Navajo Nation 

Think About It.

For centuries Arkansas has been home to multiple Native American civilizations, whose industry, ideas, and art informed and continue to enrich the globe. Seek the minor in Indigenous Studies and get connected to Arkansas and beyond through the vibrancy of Indigenous worlds.

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