ANTH 3213 Indigenous Peoples of North America: Anthropological Perspectives 3
ANTH 3473 North American Prehistory 3
ANTH 3533 Medical Anthropology 3
ANTH 4143 Ecological Anthropology 3
HIST 3263 History of the American Indian 3
COMM 3983 Special Topics 3
ENGL 3553 Topics in Native American Literature and Culture 1 3
ENGL 4553 Studies in Native American Literature and Culture 1 3
WLLC 4043 The Early French in North America 2 3
WLLC 3053 The Colonial French in the Mississippi Valley 2 3

 Topics and studies include over a dozen courses.


 Courses focus on early indigenous and French encounters in the Canadian Quebec region and along the Lower Mississippi River Valley, including the Arkansas area, respectively, combining ethnohistory and literary study of accounts found in original documents. Taught in English language.